Great customer service, all the hassle of car hiring had been made so easy, all I did was make the call and I was guided every step of the way. The service was fast and efficient, no hidden cost, delivery and turnaround time was punctual which made my holiday just a little more special. I do want to thank Zayd Sakier and his team for the great service and look forward to another experience with Murway. – Date: 19.12.2011

Mr Sashan Naidoo

I was very impressed with the pride the Murway team takes in the way they deal with their customers. They made me feel comfortable even when I locked the keys in the car :)

Nur Ahmad Furlong

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  1. Miska says:

    Being someone who doesn’t know much about cars and who is not even the least bit interested in cars, made a difficult position as I needed to get myself a good car. As it was my first car, I was very apprehensive about accepting the help being offered to me by pushy salesmen as I understand the motor industry is driven by sales. My dad referred me to Murway Motors (Cape Town) as he’s been a long-time client of theirs so I decided to have a look at a VW Polo that was on the floor. I met with Mr Murudker who was VERY knowledgeable, open, honest and genuine; and decided to place my full trust in him. He was able to assess my needs and tell me immediately whether the vehicle would be a perfect fit for me or not. I have since purchased the car and couldn’t be happier. I’m not a materialistic person, but I didn’t know I could love my car so much (guys – now I know what the fuss is all about!).
    I would also like to commend Nadia (receptionist) for the consistent manner in which she deals with clients, as well as her friendliness, competency and efficiency. I NEVER have to follow up with her regarding services, software upgrades etc, as she always keeps me updated. I value great service and what I really appreciate about Murway is that they try their utmost to handle things as far as possible on their side and try to accommodate you by working around your time. The way the Murway team conducts business is admirable. It is transparent at the outset, that the team is driven by passion and honesty and that the client is valued. If only everyone could do business like this. Thank you Mr Murudker, Nadia, Zayd and Saleem.

  2. Kamila Benjamin says:

    At the time I met the Murway family, I was at the end of my tether as both my cars were out of action. Saying that the staff were helpful and pleasant is an understatement. Their empathy, understanding & business ethics goes beyond that taught at any educational institute. Through the compassion and sheer selflessness of Mr. Ebrahiem the months that followed that first time I stepped into their business has only benefited me in a business as well as spiritual sense.
    I would recommend anyone who ever is in need of any motor advice, hire or sales to use Murway. SHUKRAN to all involved. May the Almighty answer all duahs made by you and for you and may your business prosper for generations to com InShaAllah

  3. Nellie Llaguno says:

    I was introduced to Murway Car Rental place by a friend who happened to live very near their offices in Athlone. This is what she says, “Nellie try this car rental company near me. Each time I pass their place am always impressed by the kind of cars they have on display…clean and new ones and I am sure you will be happy to hire their car”. I must say that at first I was hesitant and reluctant to rent a car from them, knowing how the business industry is like these days. They are not transparent and honest in their dealings with so many extra costs at the end of the day. But with Murway I was very impressed by their customer care and services. Thanks to Mofiedah and Zayd for the personal interest they showed and going out of their way even past office hours answering all my queries.
    We had a good time and wish we could have spend more days in Capetown. Should there be another opportunity for me to go back to Capetown or for my other friends, I would gladly recommend Murway to them. More power to you. God bless

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